Our Team consists of experts with many years of international experience in the files of

  • Art & culture(Katharina Trabert, artist, cultural manager and regional developper)
  • Tourism & hotel business (Kristin Poppinga, hotel director)
  • ICT und digital media (Patrizia Pappalardo, Go-by-guide)
  • Economy and Business Startups (Sabine Holfeld) 
  • EU policies (Lorenzo Canova, Professor of regional development and sociology of tourism at the University of Bergamo)
  • Eco-Certification and quality labels (Dagmar Diwok, Eco-Label Certification)
  • Tourism planning, destination Management & sustainable planning (Francesca Conti, president ACTA, architect and planner, Antonio Pezzano, Manager European Destinations of Excellence)
  • Creativity (international artist network)