For whom


You are for example

A business in the tourism sector

  • needing to effectively improve service quality in your house
  • wishing to appear attractive to potential future members of staff and apprentices
  • searching for unique marketing instruments

A public administration on local or regional level

  • in need of a cultural development concept that values traditions whilst being fresh and contemporary at the same time
  • wanting to create a new and unique event or festival with cult character
  • aiming at the involvement of regional artists in local economic processes and tourism development.

A regional action group like LEADER, Agenda 21 ecc.

  • wishing to implement a decision making process with the participation of widely-spread groups of stakeholders and civil society
  • planning to support the certification of sustainably managed toursim businesses.

A tourism association or direction

  • searching for innovative solutions for off-season development and addressing of new target groups
  • who wishes to train their tourist guides as “merchants of experiences”.

An educational institution

  • searching for creative and effective motivation training modules and personal development for employees in the tourism sector.

A cultural organisation, association, or an artist

  • needing to find ways to operate in greater independance from public subsidies, yet remaining faithful to your values that don´t coincide with the logics of the market.