smARTourism is the younges branch of the ACTA, an italian tourism and planning agency founded in 1993. Click here if you would like to read  smARTourism´s short presentation.

smARTourism´s work is based on the following general assumtions:

  1.  Most destinations and especially rural ones have an off-season whose over-night stays should be increased.
  2. The majority of tourism businesses, especially in rural destinations, have difficulties in finding and maintaining staff.
  3. Even in well-developed destinations, service quality often isn´t at ist best – yet it is a fundamental criteria for destinations competitiveness.
  4. Due to continuous cuts on budgets, cultural organisations are needing to align their activities increasingly with the logics of the market, yet sticking at the same time to their values.
  5. Public subsidies for immaterial actions in culture and tourism often don´t lead to the expected results.

We work with you in order to

  • increase overnight stays in the off-season
  • create a creative and attractive image for you business or destination
  • develop reliable and motivated staff and apprentices
  • guarantee customer satisfaction and attract new target groups
  • plan your culture project and fundraise successfully
  • reach better results for public investments.

We offer you taylored and practice-orientated cooperation in the fileds of:


  • Creative marketing strategies (customer-orientated) and corporate branding (staff-oriented)

Concept- und product development

  • Off-season product development
  • Cultural development and unique event concepts
  • Facilitation of participative planning processes
  • Development of cultural itineraries

Training and Assistance

  • Staff motivation trainings through creative team building
  • Improvement of service quality through theatre training
  • Increased institutionale capacity and efficiency through strategic team building and assistance
  • Training of tourist guides as “merchant of experiences” through theatre and interpretation modules.